Custom Mylar Stencil

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Custom Mylar Stencil ( 7.5 mil thickness )

Order your custom mylar stencil online. Mylar stencils are extremely popular between airbrush artist, face painters. You can also decorate your cake, cookie or muffins using cute and unique stencil design. Order round stencil and you can stencil design right on top of your coffee. Also, stencils are always a great way to decorate your walls or do art and craft DIY project. 7.5 mil mylar stencils can be used with the various media, such as Paint, Royal Icing, Chalk, Ink, Fabric Paint, and other media. They are flexible, durable, and reusable. Made with a precision of laser cutter as minimum as 1 mm.

Create your own reusable custom stencil for your next family gathering or corporate event.  Send us your designs, company logo or your vision, and we will bring it to life in a custom stencil.

Set up Fee: Choose between Simple design and Complex design based on your art work. If you are not sure, just send us an art file first. If this is a repeat order, please select "Repeat Order" as we will have your cut file saved from your previous order.

Stencil Size: Check what would be the largest side of your stencil and choose the stencil size accordingly.

How it works: 

1. Send us the art work (

2. Define the complexity of the design and choose set up fee accordingly.  Set up Fee is a one time fee to create a cut file (If you would like more than one design, you'll need to purchase a set up fee for each design separately.)

3. Choose the size of the stencil you would like us to cut . If you would like to puchase more than one stencils of the same design, you can add one stencil with the set up fee and add additional stencils with the option "Repeat Order" for setup.

Please keep in mind that we need 48 hours after art work is approved and payment for the set up fee and the actual stencils.

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